Smartpay’s CEO on productivity and payment innovation

Smartpay’s CEO on productivity and payment innovation

In two sentences or less, describe your product or service.

Smartpay is Australia and New Zealand’s leading independent fintech, with over a decade of experience in payment technologies. We develop customised payment solutions used by our customers and partners across multiple industries, enabling frictionless payment integration and EFTPOS solutions with a strong focus on delivering a seamless customer experience.

What has been the company’s biggest milestone to date?

We recently released our Smart Connect platform which is an efficient, scalable and secure cloud-based API integrator platform. It pairs any API-enabled payment initiator, to any compatible payment termination device and is suitable in both traditional and non-traditional markets.

What’s your most useful advice for having a productive day?

Start the day with some exercise; it focuses the mind and body, setting you up for a productive day.

Where do you see the company in 12 months?

We see a fantastic opportunity for disrupting the payments value chain and providing merchants, suppliers and corporate customers easy, secure and simple cloud-based integration capability. We would see this part of our business growing significantly in the next 12 months.

Which book has had the most influence on your professional mindset?

I’m a big fan of history – any book that shares lessons from the past can help us make better decisions in the future.

Source: fintechFIVE: SmartPay’s CEO on productivity and payment innovation | – Elizabeth Barry, Editor

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