Royal Bank of Canada deal for 9 Spokes

9 Spokes, the ASX-listed cloud app integrator, has scored its first big win in the North American market with the Royal Bank of Canada geared up to use a white-label version of the company’s platform.

9 Spokes co-founder and CEO Mark Estall said the RBC deal was likely to open the door to further partnerships in the lucrative market.

With a letter of intent signed, 9 Spokes has started commercial negotiations with the bank and expects to formalise the contract within the next three months.

According to the company, it is in active talks with several other large banks, including a major US financial institution.

Mr Estall told The Australian that the speed at which the RBC arrangement had come in place was not only a validation of 9 Spokes’s technology but also the bank’s commitment to innovation.

“We started the conversation in February and things have travelled very quickly since then, mainly because there was buy-in from senior executives,” he said.

“That’s always been one of the things we look for and in a way we do as much due diligence on them as they do on us.”


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Source: Royal Bank of Canada deal for 9 Spokes – The Australian