Partnership to fast track client data compilation for brokers

Partnership to fast track client data compilation for brokers

Brisbane-based banking fintech TSWG (The System Works Group) has teamed up with Swiss data aggregation specialist eWise, creating a digital platform that integrates a client’s financial accounts onto a single dashboard.

The software, called the Digital Play Platform (DPP), is the next stage in TSWG’s lengthy history of providing online solutions to mutual banks, credit unions and building societies.

It can seamlessly integrate with core banking and enterprise systems as well as third party systems, delivering a comprehensive suite of banking functions, including mortgage applications, to users.

Since its establishment in 1985, TSWG has focused predominantly on software and services to the finance sector in Australia and New Zealand, founder, director and chief marketing officer, Mark Paterson, told Australian Broker.

The DPP is a rebrand of the NetTeller Digital Banking Suite with the firm moving away from pure internet banking to a full suite of products tailored for financial institutions.

“It’s basically customer-facing technology to deliver products and services via a digital channel,” Paterson said. The platform can be accessed through any device and allows user to apply for loans, fill out forms and more.

“Off the back of that, our product incorporates a variety of new technologies: data analytics, customer analysis, CRM technologies, origination & onboarding technologies, etc.”

With the addition of eWise’s data aggregation, DPP can also offer customers a ‘Whole of Me’ type presentation, he said.

Brokers associated with banks implementing this platform can get a comprehensive picture for their customers.

“It fast tracks the process of drawing all this data together, which a broker or financial institution uses to make an informed decision as to whether this customer should get a loan or an additional facility.”

RAMS Home Loans is one Australian brokerage currently using TSWG’s technology, Paterson said.


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