Ookami embraces Paid By Coins payment gateway

Ookami embraces Paid By Coins payment gateway

Ookami (ASX:OOK), a leading developer of an ecosystem of advanced technology solutions encompassing ‘smart contracts’ and blockchain technologies, has selected Paid By Coins as their payment gateway solution of choice for their investors.

The agreement will see Paid By Coins white label its secure cryptocurrency gateway on the Akela-Brontech NCX ecosystem, allowing Ookami investors, many of whom are cryptocurrency holders, to purchase into public and private capital raisings using their cryptocurrency funds. Unlocking the ability to accept cryptocurrency payments from investors offers a strategic and innovative leap forward allowing for Ookami’s  regular fund raising efforts.

“We chose the Paid By Coins payment gateway as it provides a simple and robust solution offering competitive currency rates, and accepts payment with five of the leading cryptocurrencies including BitCoin, BitCoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple,” said Brendan De Kauwe, Director, Ookami.

“We had earlier embarked on a business analysis scoping exercise for a Payment Gateway conducted with NCX, and during that scoping, we assessed that Paid By Coins offered a feasible and very robust alternative to developing the payment system internally.

“This has offered us significant savings and time, allowing for an accelerated roll out of the cryptocurrency payment gateway solution for our customers. We expect this will go live later this month (September)” said Brendan.

“The agreement with Ookami is the flagship contract to kick start our B2B strategy for Paid by Coins. The launch of our B2C payment gateway has garnered strong momentum in its first six months, and it’s given us the impetus to now push aggressively on our B2B strategy,” said Marco Manera, CEO of Paid By Coins.

“Australians transacted just under $4B in cryptocurrency [i] in 2017, and we’re driving hard to unlock that revenue stream for the B2B sector including retailers, merchants and organisations such as Ookami who have need to offer broader payment options to their customers.

“We offer a unique proposition to enterprises and have the ability to develop white label solutions for our payment gateway, all the while providing a familiar payment environment for users through a simple interface allowing them to transact freely and make the best use of their cryptocurrency holdings.

“The benefit for users of our gateway, is that we dynamically calculate the current exchange rate in real-time, allowing cryptocurrency paying users to gain the best exchange rate at the time of their payment. This makes our solution more competitive that the other payment gateways and has been a key driver for the fast growth of our payment solution,” said Marco.

[i] https://which-50.com/australian-cryptocurrency-traders-are-mostly-men-under-40/

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