New P2P payment app Splitr is saving Aussie friendships!

You use Uber to take you places, AirBNB to book the accommodation, Ticketek to book the tickets, Dimmi to book the restaurant and now Aussie startup Splitr has launched the newest app to add to your essentials; the ability to split all of your bills from the convenience of your smart phone.


Splitr can split almost any printed, itemised receipt, at any time, anyway you like, with anyone in your phone by simply taking a photo of the bill. Gone are the days where you ask frustratingly “who ordered the f*cking sparkling?!”, having to knock on your housemate’s door, and awkwardly asking for their share of the utilities bill, or annoyingly try to figure out who has paid for the group gift and who hasn’t.


Using similar technology to the Tesla self-driving car, in four easy steps you take a picture of the bill with your phone, check the total and add your friends, split the bill either evenly or by allocating who pays for what, and then use the secure payment system to track who has paid.


Australians lead the world in payments particularly mobile [1], and on average are spending $163 a week on grocery bills[2], $67 per sitting on dinner and drinks[3], $175 on entertainment[4], and when it comes to pressies, anywhere between $25 to $150[5]. With Aussie P2P payments at $15.1 billion and on the rise[6]*, the launch of the Splitr app is a must have for those wanting greater visibility over their day to day finances in the new sharing economy.


Founder and CEO, Dave Shurey, of the Sydney-based startup, says he was inspired to create the app after both being out of pocket on a night out and having to repeatedly send his bank details through unsecure platforms.


“I was always finding myself in situations where either myself or mates were picking up the tab at restaurants or had housemates leave you hanging with the electricity bills; awkwardly asking or not asking for money always ended with an unnecessary low point.”


“Similarly , I always felt uncomfortable sharing my bank details over social media or text message and research found that 21per cent[7]  of young Aussies are sending sensitive information containing their bank account, credit card or Personal Identification Number details via Facebook’s private messaging system”.


Splitr’s, secure in-built payment platform allows you to add your bank details securely, uses high grade data encryption to guard against unauthorized transactions and access to your personal or financial information.


“Our platform only needs a photo and phone number to request payment for a bill, and uses the same security compliance and encryption systems as other financial services applications and takeaway food services”


Prior to launch, Splitr already has 400 people actively using and enjoying the service.


For more information head to Splitr is available for download now on the App Store and Google Play.


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