New fintech launches in Australia

New fintech launches in Australia

A fintech firm attesting to be “your online personal loan broker” has announced its transition to Australia, after tackling the United Kingdom and the USA.

Friendly Finance provides consumers with a point of reference when seeking credit online, focusing on credit cards, loans and insurance.

The fintech offers real-time comparisons on the best deals for the credit they’re looking for.

The Co-Founders of Friendly Finance, UK-born Layton Brooks and Oliver Peckham, have both financial and technological experience, which they decided to merge for the venture.

Brooks said, “The transition into the Australian fintech space has been an exciting one at that. After building on our experiences at Quintessential Finance Group in New York, we felt that it was time to explore a new and exciting venture on Australian soil.”

Peckham said, “All we’re doing is offering a necessary and much-needed service to Australians that are in need of a friendly helping hand. After spending so many years working in financial services, we know how difficult it can be to gain access to the funds you need. We’re all about making things easier for our clients, just like a friend would do for another friend.”


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