MoneyBrilliant releases its new personal money management service

MoneyBrilliant is pleased to announce the launch of its new service. The new service aims to help people make better decisions about their money so they can live better lives.

The service is designed primarily for the large number of Australians who don’t receive financial advice from a traditional source such as a bank or a financial adviser.

Key features of the new service include:

  • connection to accounts from over 200 financial institutions,
  • automatic classification of transactions,
  • suggestions to help improve the way customers bank,
  • management of recurring bills,
  • setting and monitoring a personal budget,
  • calculating a customer’s ‘safe spending’ balance, and
  • a continuous feed of insights, suggestions and relevant content.

For the first time, this functionality is all available on a tablet or mobile device making it easier for customers to stay on top of their money wherever they are and whatever they are doing.

There are two versions of the service – MoneyBrilliant Basic and MoneyBrilliant Plus. MoneyBrilliant Basic contains a rich set of money management tools including personal budgets. MoneyBrilliant Plus contains more advanced features and personalised insights and suggestions for improving money management. All new customers get access to MoneyBrilliant Plus free of charge for 30 days. “We want to give all customers a taste of the benefits of personalised insights about how they spend their money and how they might be able to make better decisions about their money. We are so confident we can help people save money that we will refund the first years MoneyBrilliant Plus subscription fee if we can’t identify ways for a customer to save at least that much money” says MoneyBrilliant CEO, Peter Lalor.

“We know from practical experience that when people’s finances are better organised and they have access to advice and support they make better decisions about their money. Money is an important part of everyone’s life – so if you can make better decisions about your money, earn more, spend more wisely and achieve your goals you can live a better life” says Lalor.

“We also know that most Australian’s don’t receive the advice and support they need from their bank or from a financial adviser. People think that they don’t have enough money, or they don’t trust the advice or they just don’t like the idea of a long, expensive process for getting help with making decisions about their money” says Lalor.

Lalor believes that MoneyBrilliant has achieved some world firsts, “We believe that the new MoneyBrilliant apps for iOS, Android and the web are world-class. There are no other apps we have seen that make such a broad range of capabilities available to customers on a mobile device.”

The new service also creates a foundation for MoneyBrilliant to build out additional capability to help customers make decisions about other aspects of their money. “We plan to add functionality to help customers save and invest to realise specific goals, better manage their debt and plan for retirement” says Lalor.

The new service is available as a retail consumer offering, partner and co-branded solutions. Partner and co-branded solutions are designed to help financial planners and other businesses that want to provide financial advice or financial wellness support to customers and employees.

The new MoneyBrilliant service is available immediately to new and existing MoneyBrilliant customers. The new apps can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.

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