Call Journey is an Australian born Global Success story. A Global Conversation Analytics leader, Call Journey is wholly and solely about Voice Data. Their mission is to unlock every business conversation via creating a conversation data footprint and providing an avenue to add Voice into the Enterprise data analytics mix.

VoiceAI, their advanced Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence based Conversation analytics ecosystem is utilised to create industry-leading transcription accuracy, data rich search frameworks and seamlessly integrates with a scalable, user friendly visualisation tool. Call Journey helps organisations across different industry verticals unlock crucial customer and employee insights and find answers to some of their biggest challenges including improving customer experience, bolstering risk management and compliance, enhancing employee engagement and boosting ROI.

Call Journey is also partners with Genesys, Microsoft and SAS, making it easier for customers to analyse data without leaving their business intelligence environment and ensuring data sovereignty.

How it works

Call Journey’s eco system is highly flexible that it can ingest audio from multiple audio sources, process the audio faster and with greater accuracy than comparable solutions and has an open data output framework where customers can take a direct data feed into their own analytics environments.

The highly engineered ecosystem uses both sentiment and acoustic algorithms to analyse customer conversations against structured search criteria and frameworks. When utilising Call Journey’s global expertise to extract audio, process quickly and accurately and run the data through Call Journey’s assessment framework, the resultant data can be consumed in any upstream analytics tool or via Call Journey’s analytics software platform – WordBench. The solution can be delivered on premise, in the cloud hosted locally in Australia or in hybrid structure. Call Journey has it covered end to end.

Call Journey is simply better than anyone else in turning unstructured data into insightful structured data and search frameworks for consumption in any data analytics environment.