Wealth Central is an interactive portal that encourages individuals to enter personal data using engaging onboarding functionality. They transform this data (either input directly or transferred from another source) into meaningful financial projections and insights. The outcome is a personalised dashboard and accompanying wealth report.

This dashboard presents the individual with scenarios based on their current situation. The more information added through onboarding into the portal, the richer the experience becomes and the more accurate the future projections are. This is facilitated through sophisticated modelling and external data feeds.

The individual can understand the real financial impact of a decision (or a scenario), both now and in the future.

This enhanced visibility is achieved through 3 key lenses:

NOW: Automated and interactive dashboard showing holistic financial position.

FUTURE: Financial modelling that projects what their future looks like.

What-if?: Artificial intelligence that applies real scenarios showing the financial impact of real-life decisions.

Wealth Central continue to create a living, breathing, engaging and interactive dashboard that individuals will rely upon to make financial decisions. Users are able to visualise what their holistic financial situation looks like, both now and in the future. They are able to run a number of real-life scenarios to understand the financial impact (of the different scenarios) and in turn make better informed financial decisions.

The personalised hub becomes a ‘living and breathing’ barometer of where they are situated and what their financial future holds. This helps increase overall levels of financial literacy through the introduction of a sophisticated and intuitive hub that engages and empower.

Wealth Central is available to advisers, superannuation providers, financial institutions and large employer groups. They tailor their offering around your requirements.

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