TildaTravel is an Australian innovation first. TildaTravel’s proprietary API-based technology platform efficiently aggregates multiple travel and financial services. Launching in Australia, TildaTravel will bring their revolutionary platform to customers throughout Asia.

TildaTravel takes the traditional experience of working with a truly expert travel agent, automates it, adds scale and an overlay of digital data analysis and AI and then delivers a seamless, frictionless family holiday planning and booking user experience.

The TildaTravel customer journey moves from inspiration, through planning, to booking flights, accommodation, car rentals and attractions, plus purchasing travel insurance, prepaid travel cards and foreign currency.

With modern families at their heart, TildaTravel allows you to book complex holidays for extended families caring for the increasing (and underserved) trend for grandparents, siblings, cousins, a kaleidoscope of step family connections and even pets to holiday together.

Tilda’s eye view of travel focuses on the family experience. Technology is disrupting the travel and insurance industries to make every experience consumer first; at TildaTravel they go one step further and put their precious kids first.

TildaTravel was named for Matilda, the six year old daughter of Mark Tarring, CEO and founder of the brand.

“Holidaying with a six year old is truly magical from the anticipation of “how many sleeps left?” to the pure joy of arriving at your destination and exploring with a huge sense of wonder and excitement. My daughter Tilda inspired me to create a truly family friendly travel and travel money business where booking holidays and organising holiday money and insurance is always easy,” Mark Tarring, CEO, TildaTravel (former CEO Thomas Cook Money Australia)

Founded in February 2019, in Hobart Australia, TildaTravel is owned and managed by the experienced, international team who were previously behind Thomas Cook Money Australia. TildaTravel will, of course, be honouring all conditions that applied to Thomas Cook Money Australia products under their new brand.

TildaTravel is a traveltech business combining the best of travel, travel money and innovative technology.