PayDock is best described as a powerboard for online payments.
Paydock enable businesses and not-for-profits to reach their full potential by transforming their ability to transact; no matter where, no matter how.  With the ability to create ‘many-in’ as well as ‘many-out’ solutions through a single service, PayDock enables rapid construction of compliant, cost effective and adaptive payments ecosystems – without the usual headaches, cost and risk. Make your payments solution flexible, profitable and future proofed.

Why do they exist?
Because Merchants have lost control of customers, data and payment experiences… Different gateways have different pricing structures, different hidden fees, different requirements in different countries. It’s very hard, and very expensive. While costs increase, reconciliation becomes prohibitive and the business cannot scale efficiently across multiple business operations. Ultimately, profit is left on the table as opportunities to bring competitive advantage go left untapped.

How does it work?
PayDock solves the problem by introducing a single, sophisticated payments ‘brain’ which includes a dynamic recurring service, realtime notification engine, Level 1 PCI-DSS Compliance, user management, customer wallet, reporting API, reconciliation and dev tooling plus integration SDKs…

Who trusts PayDock?
Businesses in the eCommerce, marketplace, franchise and platform space. Developers nutting out payments solutions for their customer. Non-for-profits around the globe.