Paid by Coins
Paid By Coins, is a Lakeba Group venture, providing a B2C solution delivering a simple, cost effective and secure payment portal allowing consumers to use their cryptocurrency in the most practical way to pay their bills via BPay or pay directly to any Australian bank accounts. The platform makes the process simple as it offers an intuitive interface for consumers familiar with BPay. Currently their payment gateway accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin Bitcoin Cash, and Ripple, with additional crypto currencies planned.
Paid By Coins is secure and simple to use, so it reduces the cost and time for people who want to use their cryptocurrency to pay their bills. It removes the need for consumers to convert their coins to Australian dollars on a cryptocurrency exchange and instead allows cryptocurrency traders direct access to a family payment gateway, such as BPay, which automatically converts this to Australian currency.
Paid By Coins set out to provide a familiar, easy to use interface for anyone and everyone who now owns popular cryptocurrencies, of which there are multiple types of coins in circulation. Paying bills is a very practical way for consumers to gain value from their coins. The added benefit of Paid By Coins, is that they dynamically calculate the current exchange rate in real-time, allowing cryptocurrency paying consumers to gain the best exchange rate at the time of their payment. Unlike other cryptocurrency payment gateways, all transactions are nil cost to users.