Moneycatcha’s vision is to connect people, business and organisations with the truth, by creating systems that drive ultimate speed, security and efficiency. Their ​initial ​cutting-edge, patent-pending solutions​ have been developed to directly solve the mess inside the loan origination and ongoing risk review and reporting processes in the finance industry.

The Homechain and Regchain platforms have been developed using permission based blockchain technology to deliver substantial productivity gains by reducing the end to end process from an industry average of 42 days to just 5, whilst also creating a superior, trusted data set for home loan transactions.

After launching the Homechain platform, Moneycatcha went on to create Regchain in 2016 which dramatically improves​ regulatory and compliance management and reporting both internally and to regulators. The outcomes these platforms deliver will positively drive revenue for financial institutions, globally. By engaging in Moneycatcha’s innovative technology, financial institutions are future proofing their organisations against increased fraud, risk and regulatory pressures in an unrivalled, secure and efficient manners.