InvestSuite provides financial institutions with best-in-breed wealth management products like roboadvisory, portfolio optimization, self-execution trading platform & story-based performance reporting on a white-label basis, at a fraction of the cost and magnitudes faster than building them in house.

InvestSuite Products & Services:

Portfolio Optimizer – An advanced portfolio construction framework powered by our proprietary risk measurement iVaR.  It overcomes the weaknesses of other risk measurements and thus offers the same return with less risk, especially in times of market downturn.

Robo Advisor – A modular robo advisory platform that guides the customer investment journey, a risk profiling module and portfolio construction framework.

Self Investor – An intuitive and light-weight retail trading platform.

Story Teller – A new way of explaining the performance an investment portfolio. A world-first way of telling the story of an investor’s portfolio performance using human language, images & intuitive insights