illion BrokerFlow enables banks and lenders to optimise efficiency and technology in the broker channel to speed up their loan assessment process and provide faster approvals.

When brokers retrieve their customers’ statements using illion’s market-leading BankStatements service, they still need to forward these statements on to the bank or lender for loan assessment and approval. With BankStatements, the front-end of the lending process is automated, fast and frictionless, providing a positive customer experience. However, once the broker forwards the statements to the bank or lender, the assessment process becomes manual and slow, causing delays and increasing costs.

BrokerFlow solves this problem with Straight-Through-Processing and market-leading categorisation and Decision Metrics.


  • Faster Approvals – lenders receive statements with their Categorisation and Decision Metrics, replacing slow manual assessment processes
  • Fraud Mitigation – bank statements and data received via BrokerFlow come directly from the bank and aren’t editable by the customer or broker
  • Automation – in addition to PDF statements, lenders receive JSON or XML formats to use in their back-end systems to streamline decisioning processes

BrokerFlow is a game-changer for both lenders and brokers in the credit and lending space and there’s no other solution like BrokerFlow in the market.