Cryptosaver’s mission is to make Bitcoin a part of everyone’s investment portfolios. Cryptosaver is an easy way to buy and save Bitcoin, weekly or monthly with the Bitcoin delivered straight to your wallet. Set it up once, and watch it grow for the rest of the year.

You save on fees, small transactions can carry high transaction costs

Cryptosaver use a crowdfunding approach to buying bitcoin. This means you pay less and get more, each and every week.

Take advantage of dollar cost averaging

This is where you make many smaller purchases over a long period of time to accumulate an asset. This results in an overall lower cost base for your asset as the price appreciates.

Be your own bank

They encourage best practice through having our customers take full control of their own private keys. They require customers to BYO wallet.

No hidden fees

The Bitcoin you buy is the Bitcoin you receive. They transparently display the price we’ve purchased your Bitcoin at and they even cover the transaction fee so you receive the full amount.