Cloudfloat is a result of frustrations from a broken finance system for small business. At the heart of the relationship between the banker and the business is payments and the quick access to cashflow that enables the businesses to survive and grow.
From working capital liquidity to de-risking late invoice payments, they believe the experience can be solved with innovation to a broken business model and some code.
“Credit as code”, Cloudfloat provides ‘Finance as a service’ that targets small businesses, converting their business invoices into pay-later- instalment arrangements. Essentially, small businesses can negotiate discounts with suppliers now, agree to buy now, Cloudfloat pays the supplier now and businesses pay Cloudfloat back over time.
This way of using finance for the purchases that are needed with the method of instalment payments is ideal to manage business cashflow needs. They’ve designed the process convenient and easy to support the needs of today’s small business. Cloudfloat is here to support businesses who continue to search for new ways of working and better experiences in their every day journey.